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Apa saja Faktor penentu dalam SEO?

Faktor penentu SEO yang mempengaruhi peringkat website di Google sebenarnya sangat banyak. Panjang untuk diuraikan satu persatu-satu. Bahkan bisa menjadi sebuah buku tebal. Setidaknya ada 200+ komponen SEO yang dinilai Algoritma Google dalam menentukan rangking sebuah website. Ironisnya lagi, karena tidak ada yang tahu semuanya, kebanyakan mengandung mitos. You know what i mean? Mitos itu adalah sesuatu yang dipercaya bahkan secara berjamaah, turun-temurun! Padahal itu tidak benar-benar ada. Ya.. dalam SEO ada banyak mitos yang berkembang. Dan sebagian masih dipertahankan. Hohoho… Biarkan saja. Jika pemula, Anda akan mengalami lesu darah. Bisa jadi juga ‘mundur alus’ jika langsung dihadapkan pada serangkain faktor penentu SEO sekaligus. Saran saya, Anda dapat fokus pada faktor penentu utama terlebih dahulu. Yang tentunya berkonstribusi lebih kuat terhadap nilai SEO website Anda. Sepakat? Sepakat tidak sepakat, mari kita lanjutkan. Konsep artikel ini begitu. Jadi hari ini
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Facts about Electrical Therapy for Your Nerve Disease

Electrical therapy is an electrical stimulus that works to deal with several types of neurological and psychiatric diseases. Aside from being done at home, this treatment can also be applied through operating procedures. Electrical therapy to deal with pain has been applied since ancient times, including using an electric shock from fish. In the mid-18th century, static electricity-producing machines began to be used to cause necrosis or tissue death in tumor destruction. In addition, also in electroacupuncture using a needle. With advances in technology and medical science, electrical therapy is now also widely used as a method of handling neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders. Nerve disease itself is often characterized by a variety of symptoms such as lower back or upper back pain, pain when moving, headaches, loss of sensation or otherwise become very sensitive, to tingling. In the treatment of neurological diseases, this therapy works by sending electrical signals a

L-Carnitine, Know the Benefits and Safe Doses of Consuming Here

L-Carnitine is a form of amino acids that are produced naturally in the body or can also be obtained from certain food sources, as well as in supplement form. L-Carnitine has a variety of benefits for the body, however, you need to know the level of safety of consuming it so as not to cause adverse side effects. L-Carnitine has an important role in producing energy, namely by carrying fatty acids into the mitochondria in your body cells. These mitochondria act as machines that burn fat to create energy that the body can use in activities. L-Carnitine is good for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and all the processes that occur in the body. L-Carnitine is sold freely as a food supplement. Common forms include: Acetyl-L-carnitine or often called ALCAR, this type of carnitine is effective for brain function and can be used to treat neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. According to research, this supplement also has a good effect on reducing depressive sym

Want to Try Baby Led Weaning, Here Are the Facts

Baby led weaning or BLW is starting to be widely discussed in Indonesia lately. The method of feeding children who are somewhat different gets the pros and cons of the community, one of which concerns the safety side. Baby led weaning is an alternative method for introducing Little to solid food when he reaches 6 months of age. With this method, Little is given food that has been cut into pieces and allowed to eat alone using his hands, not fed with a kind of soft food porridge. According to research, baby led weaning can make your child know and eat a variety of foods early. There are also studies that say if BLW makes Little Choose healthier foods. However, although supported by scientific evidence, there are also those who question the safety of Little if BLW is applied. Does BLW Make a Baby Choke and Choke? One thing parents worry about baby led weaning is whether it can make your child choke and stimulate vomiting. This is understandable considering that the food recommended

Understanding the condition of the tongue swallowed and the right handling

Tongue swallowing does not mean the tongue goes into the throat. Swallowed tongue is a condition of the tongue's position shifting backwards, thereby closing the respiratory tract located in the neck. Swallowed tongue is a very dangerous condition. If the respiratory tract is blocked by the tongue for too long, the flow of air from the nose and mouth will not flow into the lungs. As a result, a person will have difficulty breathing, oxygen supply to the lungs and heart is reduced, then can lead to death. Cause of Tongue Swallowing In everyday life, the term tongue swallowed is often associated with several conditions below: Sports Injury In the world of sports, cases of tongue swallowing are generally caused by physical impact or trauma. This case is found in many sports in soccer, boxing, or rugby. Collision can make someone lose consciousness. When consciousness decreases, muscles throughout the body become limp, including the muscles on the tongue. This condition can

Beware of HELLP Syndrome in Pregnant Women

HELLP syndrome is a disorder of the liver and blood that occurs in pregnancy. This syndrome is often associated with preeclampsia. HELLP syndrome can be life threatening and usually occurs after pregnancy enters the age of 20 weeks. HELLP syndrome is an abbreviation of Hemolysis (H), namely damage to red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes (EL), namely increased production of liver enzymes due to interference with liver cells and Low Platelet (LP), which is the number of platelets or platelets that are too low, thereby disrupting the clotting process blood. Recognize Various Symptoms Risk factors for pregnant women experiencing HELLP syndrome, which is aged over 34 years, pregnant with twins, or have a family that has experienced HELLP syndrome. Especially if pregnant women suffer from certain medical conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease or blood coagulation. In addition, 1 in 10 pregnant women who have preeclampsia is more likely to develop H